Melvin M

Melvin M.

The attention that I received at the Specialty Hospital of Albuquerque was truly amazing. Never have I been treated so well. Right when I walked in threw doors I felt the love and I immediately received the attention I needed as a patient. The doctor, the nurses and the whole staff took the time to listen and they attended to all my needs. They really showed they were concerned and that they truly cared for my well being. Every one treaded not just me but all of my family & friends with open arms. I am truly, truly grateful to everyone at Specialty Hospital of Albuquerque for treating me with so much love in my time of need. There are no words to explain the gratitude my family and I have for this facility. If you want to be treated with love and respect and be around people who truly care then I strongly recommend the Specialty Hospital of Albuquerque.