Fred G.

I am a 67 year old male. I’ve been a complete paraplegic for 26 years due to a motorcycle accident. Following my accident I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in various medical facilities for treatment. Some of my medical problems have been serious and initially I am filled with a great deal of worry and anxiety undergoing any medical treatment. Most of my treatment experiences were good with some much better that others. I have to say that my stay at Specialty hospital of Albuquerque was one of the best. The doctors, Nurses, and staff were very responsive to my needs. I always felt comfortable with their care and treatment. The explanation of my treatment and their use of the most current treatment methods lead to a very successful recovery for me. A close association between all the members of the staff kept me confident that their choice and direction of treatment was correct for me. I enjoyed the fact that the staff of nurses and tech’s was well trained and always willing to provide for any of my needs. I was especially fortunate that the wound care nurses are trained in the use of bio-med wound treatment (the use of maggots for wound cleaning) which applied to my situation proved very effective. The dietary staff and kitchen were excellent. The food was always good and well prepared. I felt they went out of their way to provide the patients with anything special that they could help keep a variety in the menu. Housekeeping crews were always present and my room was cleaned everyday. My stay at Specialty hospital of Albuquerque was very pleasant and I will always recommend them for special care and comfortable treatment. Good humor, a smile and a happy attitude goes a long way in treating a patient right along with medical care and it was present throughout the hospital. My “THANKS” to each and everyone at Specialty hospital.